IET Core

Previously titled as STEM level 1, this is a Career and Technical Education core class. The focus is on Science Technology Engineering and Math. In addition, this class also focuses on the standards of the Industrial Engineering and Technology. Students will learn web based computer languages such as HTML and CSS. Students will also learn how to program the Arduino microcontrollers, basic electronics, and three dimensional printing. These are the foundational skills so students will be prepared for advanced careers.

Information Technology

Previously titled as STEM level 2. This class is the next evolution of the IET Core. The focus is on web application languages and hybrid mobile app development. By the end of the course, students should be able to publish his or her own Android mobile application.

Instructional approval required. Students must complete IET Core class before taking Information Technology.

STEM 3 & 4 Capstone

This is the final level of the STEM program. During this evolution, students are encouraged to pursue projects that are self directed. Students will submit a project outline of what they will pursue in the field of STEM and utilizing what they have learned throughout their years in our class. In addition, students will study the ethics of Cyber Security and understand the historical context of threats.

Instructional approval required. Students must complete the Information Technology class before taking the STEM 3 & 4 Capstone