Course Description:

Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) Core, is a year long class that will engage and guide you along a pathway of information technology. The class is introductory and will teach the fundamentals of information technology, HTML, CSS, Basic Electronics, and Python.

Course Expectations:

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the infrastructure of the Internet and computer networks.
  • Code HTML and CSS web sites.
  • Understand and code the Arduino microcontroller.
  • Describe different STEM careers.
  • Discuss and understand cyber ethics.
  • Code in the Python programming language.


You are not required to purchase anything for this class. All software required for grading will be available to you. Nevertheless, you may want to consider the suggested items below.

  • A USB Flash drive is strongly suggested.
  • Your own laptop running Linux, Mac, or Windows with an internet hot spot. (No wifi will be provided to you)