Mission Statement

Objective: To empower all students to have the ability to write code.

First, every student will learn the basics of code by first learning entry level programming languages. When students learn the basic concepts, then additional languages are added. In addition, the student population will learn the historical significance of coding as well as the political and socio-economic problems that their generation faaces. For example, encouraging more women in the Science Technology Engineering and Math fields.

Second, students will be encouraged to build small projects that put their knowledge to use. When they are comfortable with their skill set, they will be asked to "scale up" their projects to include new elements.

Third, students that reach the final evolution of the class (STEM 3 or 4), will be involved in the community to encourage future generations of coders.

Demands on the student

Much like any course subject that is of the unknown, there is always a learning curve. The course can be difficult for students that are not prepared for academic rigor. I am reminded of this quote: " It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great."

You can succeed in this course if you have the following. A desire to learn, a willingness to try, and personal responsibility to the academic process.