Manoa Elementary

Web Design students from Roosevelt High School hosted an event where Manoa Elementary students, led by Darcie Kajioka, learned how to write HTML and CSS code. The purpose of the session was to stimulate their interest in coding using industry standard tools. We were surprised and excited that they took part in the program and hope to see them in the following years.

The students that presented learned how to give professional presentations, work with the community, and be responsible for mentoring youthful coders.

STEM Conference

Every year, Roosevelt High School participates in the STEM conference hosted by Women in Technology and the Maui Economic Development Board. All students that attend the conference enter into competitions and we have won at least one award per year.

RHS Alumni Association

Student team members redesigned the Roosevelt Alumni Association web site by updating the code, removing extraneous information, and streamlined the process for members to donate.

The student team members learned how to work with a professional organization and project management. By listening to the client, students gain real world experience.

Digital Signage*

The students and I will be building, coding, and deploying digital signage systems at Roosevelt High School. The purpose for the signs will be to display information to all members of Roosevelt in an easy to read format. The learning objectives will be hardware design of physical systems and coding.

*Scheduled for the end of 2018 school year